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It commenced losing inventive and industrial floor to increased high quality albumen prints on paper inside the mid-1860s, nevertheless survived for nicely more than Yet another forty several years, dwelling mainly being a carnival novelty. [one]

About the 3rd or fourth or fifth time that we swung out to the glare -- it had been together there somewhere, a number of several hours or so after Sunlight-up -- it was not as pleas- ant because it were.

to do some thing as gradually as 1 wishes. doen dit so stadig as jy wil يتأنّى، يَتَرَوّى не бързам levar o seu tempo dělat svým tempem sich Zeit nehmen tage den tid, person behøver κάνω κτ. με την ησυχία μου tomarse su tiempo kiirustamata tegutsema وقت کافی صرف کردن omaan tahtiin prendre son temps לא לְמַהֵר धीमा होना ne žuriti kényelmesen csinál vmit perlahan-lahan fara sér að engu óðslega (prendersela comoda) ゆっくりやる 천천히 하다 neskubėti nesteigties ambillah masa de tijd nemen ta den tida en trenger nie spieszyć się وخت تیرول levar o seu tempo a nu se grăbi делать неспеша robiť (si) svojím tempom; neponáhľať sa vzeti si čas ne žuriti ta den tid person behöver ไม่ต้องรีบร้อน acele etmemek 從容不迫地(做某事) не поспішати حسب خواہش آہستہ کام کرنا nhẩn nha làm việc 从容不迫地(做某事)

Time is sort of a river created up on the functions which transpire, and its existing is powerful. No quicker does nearly anything show up than it is swept away and A further arrives as an alternative, and may be swept absent as well —Marcus Aurelius

in order to avoid paying out time; to spend time unnecessarily. Just take my motor vehicle in place of walking, if you would like preserve time; We mustn't waste time speaking about unimportant issues. spaar/vermors tyd يُوَفِّر وَقْتا، يُضَيِّعُ وَقْتا пестя/хабя време poupar/ perder tempo šetřit/ztrácet čas Zeit sparen, verschwenden spare; spilde γλιτώνω, χάνω χρόνο ganar/perder tiempo aega säästma, aega raiskama در وقت صرفه جویی کردن؛ وقت تلف کردن säästää, hukata aikaa gagner/perdre du temps לַחֲסוֹך בַּזמַן/לְבַזבֵּז זְמַן समय बचत uštedjeti/tratiti vrijeme időt megtakarít; időt pocsékol menghemat, membuang waktu nÿta tíma; sóa tíma risparmiare/perdere tempo 時を稼ぐ[] 시간을 절약(소비)하다 (su)taupyti, eikvoti laiką taupīt/šķiest laiku menjimatkan/ membazirkan masa tijd sparen, verspillen spare/kaste bort tid oszczędzać/tracić czas وخت تیرول poupar/ perder tempo a câş­tiga/ a pierde timp экономить, растрачивать время šetriť / strácať čas prihraniti/zapravljati čas gubiti vreme spara (slösa) tid ประหยัดเวลา; เสียเวลา vakit kazanmak/harcamak 節省(浪費)時間 (не) витрачати час وقت بچانا، وقت ضائع کرنا lãng phí thời gian 节省(浪费)时间

Structured all around passions and hobbies, this app encourages associates to attach over whatsoever they may have in prevalent, hopefully making a enjoyable story regarding how they first achieved their new substantial other. (Get it?)

He would form out his possess issues, in time → À terme, il trouverait des methods à ses propres problèmes.

an instrument for measuring time with the controlled move of h2o or mercury by way of a smaller opening.

And as a result not just at substantiated times, on well-known separate feeding-grounds, could Ahab hope to come across his prey; but in crossing the widest expanses of drinking water amongst All those grounds he could, by his artwork, so area and time himself on his way, as even then to not be wholly devoid of prospect of a gathering.

Having a quickly approaching closing date: worked from time to provide the manuscript before the deadline.

Computer systems To generally be canceled if an anticipated enter is not really been given after a specified time. Applied of procedures.

Read about the impressive and influential artists who introduced hip hop to your forefront on the music sector.

rhythmicity - the rhythmic property imparted with the accents and relative durations of notes within a bit of new music

→ Zeit file; how time flies! → wie die Zeit vergeht!; only time will notify whether … → es muss sich erst herausstellen, ob …; it takes time to do that → das erfordert or braucht (seine) Zeit; to get (just one’s) time (in excess of anything) → sich (dat) → (bei etw) Zeit lassen; it took me all my time to finish → ich bin gerade noch fertig geworden; in (the system of) time → mit der Zeit; in (next to or fewer than) no time → im Nu, im Handumdrehen; at this (current) point or second in time → zu diesem or zum gegenwärtigen Zeitpunkt; to have a lot of/no time for any person/one thing → viel/keine Zeit fileür jdn/etw haben; (fig: = be for/from) → viel/nichts dating an older man fileür jdn/etw übrighaben; to discover time (for anyone/something) → Zeit (für jdn/etw) finden; to generate time (for any individual/something) → sich (dat) → Zeit (fileür jdn/etw) nehmen; time is on our side → die Zeit arbeitet fileür uns; he lost no time in telling her → er verlor keine Zeit und sagte es ihr sofort; there is not any time to shed → es gibt keine Zeit (mehr) zu verlieren; my time is my very own → ich kann frei über meine Zeit verfügen; in or supplied time → mit der Zeit; in a single’s own/the organization’s time → in or während der Freizeit/Arbeitszeit; don’t hurry, do it in your very own time → nur keine Hast, tun Sie es, wie Sie es können; time is money (prov) → Zeit ist Geld (prov); time and tide watch for no guy (Prov) → das Rad der Zeit hält niemand auf (Prov); for quite a while previous → seit einiger Zeit; I don’t know very well what she’s stating 50 percent time (inf) → meistens verstehe ich gar nicht, was sie sagt; in two months’ time → in zwei Wochen; for any time → eine Zeit lang; not right before time (Brit) → das wurde auch (langsam) Zeit; to accomplish time (inf, in prison) → sitzen (inf); to help make time with anyone (dated esp US inf: = have sexual intercourse with) → es mit jdm treiben (inf) ?

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